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Kettlebell Shoulder Workouts to Build Strength and Mobility

Kettlebell Shoulder Workouts to Build Strength and Mobility

The humble kettlebell is one of the most diverse pieces of equipment you can have in a gym. Check out some of our favourite workouts to help build strength in your shoulders, and increase your range of motion.
Your Ultimate Home Gym Setup

Your Ultimate Home Gym Setup

By now the world is up to speed on the concept of Crossfit and functional fitness. So how do you get constantly varied, high-intensity fitness at home whilst sticking to a budget? It's easy.

Buy Gym and Functional Fitness Equipment Online in NZ!

Stop Renting Fitness, Own It.

Seventh Sin products have been designed with the sporting elite in mind; your body will break before this gear does. We have found over the years that the cost of quality functional fitness products in New Zealand is too great, we are changing that. Our mission is to provide cost effective and good quality products with a suitable range for beginners through to the elite athlete. 

We sell and deliver best quality functional fitness & sporting equipment right at your doorstep in New Zealand. 

We have excellent collections of sporting equipment including weightlifting barbells and bumper platesfunctional strength training equipment such as kettlebells and wall balls, as well as bodyweight gym accessories and much more. Our online shop is the perfect one stop shop if you are looking to buy home gym training equipment.

Seventh Sin Fitness is the only reseller of Meister MMA and fight gear in New Zealand; backed by a bullet proof reputation Meister fight gear is the real deal.  Shop online now for MMA boxing glovesfight shorts, wrist wraps, focus pads, headgear, mouth guards and shin guards. 

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