Seventh Sin Hex Dumbbells 2.0 - Singles

$25.00 $22.50

Seventh Sin Rubber Hex Dumbbells - Pair

Seventh Sin Dumbells are sold as Singles with weights available weights ranging from 5kgs to 45kgs. These dumbbells are the bombproof option for those in the market for a price-conscious dumbbell that still delivers on quality and performance; you can expect these dumbbells to last.

The rubber encased heads minimise noise and limit damage to both the surrounding and the dumbbell, with the chrome handle providing a comfortable ergonomic feel in hand reducing the fatigue to your forearms.


  • Heavy-duty rubber encased heads
  • Ergonomic, chrome-plated handle for optimum grip and feel
  • Constructed with a proprietary head to handle to ensure the head does not come loose