We are very excited that you are the owner of a Seventh Sin barbell. To get the most out of your bar we recommend some routine maintenance to keep it at its best.

All our bars have a protective coating on them which resists oxidization, with proper maintenance you can prolong your bars life.

We recommend the following maintenance to keep your Seventh Sin barbell healthy:

Please note: the frequency of maintenance is all dependent on the climate and storage of your bar. The more exposed it is to moisture in the air, the quicker the oxidization will occur.

  1. Use a plastic bristle brush to clean the knurling of the bar. The cleaner you can get it the greater the impact.

  2. Wipe down your bar with WD-40 or a 3:1 oil (we recommend WD-40 as its widely available), brush the bar with the plastic bristle brush and be careful to get the oil into the knurling as best as possible. The steel will absorb oil and stay healthy.

  3. Wipe off any excess oil with a lint-free towel

Over time the bar will develop a patina, this is totally normal. The better your maintenance of the bar the less oxidization will occur.