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Meister EDGE Leather Shin Guards w/ Gel Padding (Pair) - Black


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  • Ergonomically Designed / Gel Enhanced
  • Constructed from 100% Cowhide Leather
  • Follows the Contour of your legs for an Ideal Fit
  • Slightly Curved inside to allow the guards to mold to your insteps
  • High-Density Impact Foam on all contact areas
  • Gel-Padding on foot top provides Maximum Strike Absorption
  • 3 Foot Straps to hold the guards perfectly still
  • Rubber dots on strap under ball of foot provide extra traction


Meister MMA's revolutionary new EDGE shin guards are the perfect combination of Function and Fit. Designed to perfectly cover all contact areas on your shins and feet, the EDGE shin guards are constructed from slightly-rounded high density Impact Foam that conforms to the leg within a 100% Cowhide Leather body. A layer of gel covers the entire foot top for extra strike absorption. Incredibly light at just 10 oz per guard, the EDGE guards won't weigh you down. 2 comfortable straps secure the guard to the back of the leg and open fully to allow you to easily slip the pair on and off. 3 feet straps keep the guards secure to your feet, including a larger strap on the ball of the foot with rubberized dots for extra traction on the mat. An incredible value by any measure, get your Meister MMA EDGE Shin Guards today!