The benefits of the "New" CrossFit Games

For those who haven't seen Jacob Hepner's recap on the cuts at this years CrossFit Games, we would highly recommend doing so. It goes into a bit more depth on how (in his opinion) the cuts were a great representation of the CrossFit modality of training style and the benefits of this style of programming to expose athletes weaknesses early on.


The cuts fit the CrossFit Mantra

Since its inception CrossFit has been preaching the idea of constantly varied functional fitness. Greg Glassman issued his "food" pyramid style training and Dave Castro began programming and testing athletes to see how well they fit the athletic ideologies of CrossFit.
For those of  you who haven't seen the CrossFit training Pyramid here it is:
CrossFit Training Best Practice

Nutrition is the base of the pyramid, no disputing this we all need a good nutrition base to support all athletic goals be it CrossFit or lawn bowls.
Metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, and then weightlifting. Essentially, how good is your body at doing repeatable events under stress? How good are you at moving your body through space? and finally, how good are you at moving an object through space? All of which leads to the final piece of the puzzle, sport. How good are you at applying these principles in a sporting context?
To devise the ultimate test of fitness you need to have a representation of all 4 of these components, and that is why we think this year's CrossFit Games was programmed to perfection when you take into account the need for athlete cuts.
Take event one for example. Run, legless rope climb, and squat snatches. The run takes into account the metabolic conditioning aspect, the legless rope climb gymnastics and the squat snatches the weightlifting components. The result is a good test of 3 of the 4 components of CrossFit with only those athletes progressing who have the best baseline of all three, rather than just focusing on a 1rm Clean for example.
The result of the cuts of event one truly showed each individuals athletes mastery of these three components with those having a weakness in one or more of these components not making the cut for the next round.
Every athlete on the floor of event one deserved to be there, but not all deserved to be there in the final event of the weekend. And once again Dave Castro showed his programming prowess by compiling a test of fitness unlike we have seen before.

We do feel for those that top athletes that fell out of the top 10 that have historically been there. Brooke Wells summed it up best in a recent Instagram post following the cut.

Or you could take Brent Fikoswki's approach….
"I'll NEVER get cut again" - Brent Fikoswki


August 23, 2019 — Mark Phillips